Friday, February 22, 2013

San Onofre Is A Great Beach Spot

Being on the beach in San Onofre for a few days is a great pleasure.  The Mission Bells RV Club had the privilege of being able to do so again this year.  Don Mruk sent me these pictures yesterday and I publish them with a few comments for your pleasure.

We had great beach views and lots of conversation. 

The sun did shine.  Lots of great card games.  Many World problems were solved.  Chuck made 4pm coffee.  Very good food was brought in.  Our tent city kept us mostly dry, but sometimes not so warm. 


Rob Savey said...

hello, my name is rob; and im researching to buy my first rv. next time you guys r near camp pendleton (like san onofre) do u mind if i came out and visit please? my email is thanks for ur time.

Robert Nuttmann said...

Hi Rob - We only go to San Onofre once a year. This past weekend we were all in the Sweetwater County park just east of San Diego. In May we will be up at Tecolote Springs near Temecula. If you would like to visit our rally at Tecolote Springs let me know and I will send you the information.

Have to RVed at all? Have you rented or used others RV's? Most of our members have had years of experience RVing and of course would love to share their experiences. I wish you had written me a few days ago as you could have come down to Sweetwater. I am happy to answer any questions you may have. My name is Bob Nuttmann