Wednesday, November 6, 2013

November Trip To Chandler AZ

Today is the first day of the November trip to Chandler AZ.  We made it up to tomorrows meeting point, the accorn casino in the mountains east of San Diego.  When we went into the casino to have dinner we saw the Utts and we joined up for dinner.  We are off at 9:30AM in the morning.  This picture is at sunset where we parked for free.  Actually is was less than free as Barbara won about $225 in the casino.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

San Diego RV Club - Mission Bells RV Club - Invites You To Attend Our Events

Mission Bells RV Club was founded in 1961.  Since then the club has sponsored monthly camping events that range from weekends at campgrounds within a 100 miles of San Diego to Christmas dinner parties.  We usually have one or two longer range events such as going to Quartsite, Death Valley, and Tucson.  Last year many of our members went to Europe on a river cruise.

Here are some pictures of some of our local events.

And here is one of our last winter trip to southern AZ.

If you are living in the greater San Diego area and love RVing consider coming to one of our events.  Call me Robert Nuttmann 619-227-9840 and lets discuss it.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

At $4 A Gal Does RVing Have a Future?

It has been a while since I have added a post to the Mission Bells RV blog.  It seems like there is much more activity on our Facebook page and so I have just let that handle most of the traffic.  But blogs are supposed to be where we put down something that we want to pass on to others and offer a little bit of wisdom.  Facebook is more "hello how are you".  And in our case it seems like we post about a thousand tempting pictures of food.  You would think our club liked to eat?  Likely very true.  I have asked a couple of members to write something for the blog, but any one of you is welcome to do so.

So is RVing as relevant at $4 a gal as at $2?  Yes, or at least camping and RVing is certainly still relevant.  Fuel has cost an arm and a leg in England for years and "caravanning" is very popular there.  Same in Australia.  But their RVs look a bit different.

More like these guys here and not the really big ones some of us drive.

The other thing is, when gas prices go up maybe we don't need to drive so far to enjoy ourselves?  With RVing the vacation starts when you close the door to the RV.  So small trips to local destinations like what we do on our weekend outings / meetings get us away from the things we are normally surrounded by.

And there is always going back to

And that is not such a bad idea for those that are able to sleep on the ground.  We still have our LL Bean tent in our garage.  I think it has been used once in the last 10 years.  I sold my camp stove last year on ebay.

We recently spent a week camped in the Grand Teton National Park.  It was a wonderful experience and adventures such as that make RVing relevant at any price if it can be afforded.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Tucalota Springs And Where Is Everyone Going This Summer?

I am a bit slow getting these pictures up.  But they are going up now.  I have been fighting learning how to work with pictures on an Apple computer after using Micro Soft for 20 years.  Big!!! difference.  Apple is a very very good piece of hardware, but their computer software is way different.  But here are some pictures from last months rally.

One day a few of us rode in the Jeep up the dirt road behind the RV park.

So where is everyone going this summer?  Tell us where in the comments section.  Barbara and I are headed to Oregon in a couple of days for about a month.  Later in the summer we are going to WY and MT.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sweetwater Rally

Our recent rally at Sweetwater County Park had some really beautiful moments and some awfully wet ones.

This picture is from Sunday morning coffee.  Notice the blue skies.

I would like to say first off that the new section of the Sweetwater park is really nice.  Large sites, good utilities, and nice views.

Last time I was here was in the old section and I much prefer the one we just camped in.  Of course great thanks go out to Gerald, Martha, Janet, and Gerry.

Saturday night was very wet, and the wind blew in the direction of the side of our motor home with the slides on it.  So I discovered that the very middle of the front slide seal I had replaced not too long ago had come out.  I am still waiting for my carpet to completely dry.

Breakfast Sunday was great.  Fruit, pancakes, bacon, and lots of it all.

These pictures are compliments from Don Mruk by the way.  I did not take many pictures at the rally.

Here is one inside of the tents / easy ups put together to keep us out of the rain.  Seems like every time we go to this RV park we get rained on.  We were at the rally Thanksgiving 2011 and it poured.

Sitting up high in this park we also had some good views of nature.

Friday, February 22, 2013

San Onofre Is A Great Beach Spot

Being on the beach in San Onofre for a few days is a great pleasure.  The Mission Bells RV Club had the privilege of being able to do so again this year.  Don Mruk sent me these pictures yesterday and I publish them with a few comments for your pleasure.

We had great beach views and lots of conversation. 

The sun did shine.  Lots of great card games.  Many World problems were solved.  Chuck made 4pm coffee.  Very good food was brought in.  Our tent city kept us mostly dry, but sometimes not so warm.