Thursday, June 21, 2012

More Campo Camp Out

I took these pictures with a very old film camera and I got them back today.  They are of the just finished camp out at Campo.  That is a very appropriate name for a place to go camping.  How about sending me some pictures you guys took at the Campo Camp Out or pictures of your travels.  I know Hansen's are in Alaska.  Tom just traveled.  And I am sure a bunch more of you.  Well send em in.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Campo Camp Out

We gathered at Campo for the June camp out.  We were greeted by perfect weather, good food, and lively conversation.  I am including the pictures in this post that I took with my digital camera.  I have other ones but they are not developed yet.  Anyone who has pictures to share please send them in and I will add them.

The county park at Lake Morena is about 35 miles east of El Cajon and is a very quiet part of the County.  The RV park is located on Lake Morena of course, which is a sizable man made lake with some big fish in it.

Here is a picture from Tom and Liz Peacock that they sent to me while we were at Lake Morena.  They are in the eastern Sierra.

When I get my other pictures back I will add more.