Monday, October 8, 2012

Fun, But Not Economical Now

by Eric Odendahl

Who knows what the California gas price for regular will be  after oil companies gouging stabilizes? 
Let’s say in their great generosity they “really bring it down” to $4.25 a gallon.  Traveling in our motor-home  for 400 miles (long day for us) at 7 miles per gallon equals 57.1 gallons.   At $4.25 a gallon,  the fuel cost cost for the day would be $242.68.  Just for the heck of it, add a “moderate” campground fee of 30 bucks to make it $273.
Two eating out would push the cost to much more  than $300, but even if we dined  all day in rig for 20 bucks our daily total comes to $293  in California.
If we took our Prius for 425 miles, we could do it for 10 gallons (we actually always do better,  even 50 on one part of our last Prius highway trip).
Anyway, gas for day would be $42.50.  Add 100 bucks for a moderate motel (might find clean place for less) and the total would be $142.50.
Take the $143 by auto from the $273 by motor-home and the two of us would have $130 to gorge on at restaurants.  Could eat only breakfast and supper, or snack in car until supper.  Whatever.   Big savings.
So, the first thing to do is to get out of California with your motor-home.  Still not great savings, but realize we motor-home folks enjoy many comforts, especially sleeping in our  own beds rather than in motels.
When we retired just 20 years ago last month and took our big trip in the 26-foot Itasca across the U.S., gas was just over $1 a gallon.  (Best mileage for us then about 8 per gallon.) Campgrounds were 10 or 15 bucks. We ate out more than needed, but think we still saved much over  motel living. And, driving fast by auto was 14 to 20 miles per gallon at the time.
Let me know what you think.  (I did not major in math!!)

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Mission Bells RV Club said...

Eric - I am mad as #ell and unfortunately Teddy Roosevelt is long dead and cannot fight for our rights.

Using the phone Gas Buddy ap to buy only from the lowest price place does put pressure on the sellers. But basically the oil / gas thing is just a cartel for taking as much money from us as they can.

I own quite a bit of oil company stock. That is the only way I figure I can get some of my money back.