Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sweetwater Rally

Our recent rally at Sweetwater County Park had some really beautiful moments and some awfully wet ones.

This picture is from Sunday morning coffee.  Notice the blue skies.

I would like to say first off that the new section of the Sweetwater park is really nice.  Large sites, good utilities, and nice views.

Last time I was here was in the old section and I much prefer the one we just camped in.  Of course great thanks go out to Gerald, Martha, Janet, and Gerry.

Saturday night was very wet, and the wind blew in the direction of the side of our motor home with the slides on it.  So I discovered that the very middle of the front slide seal I had replaced not too long ago had come out.  I am still waiting for my carpet to completely dry.

Breakfast Sunday was great.  Fruit, pancakes, bacon, and lots of it all.

These pictures are compliments from Don Mruk by the way.  I did not take many pictures at the rally.

Here is one inside of the tents / easy ups put together to keep us out of the rain.  Seems like every time we go to this RV park we get rained on.  We were at the rally Thanksgiving 2011 and it poured.

Sitting up high in this park we also had some good views of nature.

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