Wednesday, July 25, 2012


I would suspect that nearly all of us do some type of volunteer work.  I know this as I have talked about what you do at several of the camp outs.  If you care about your volunteer work and want to tell others about the opportunity you have taken please send information and pictures in to me.

Among other things I volunteer at the Zoo and Cuyamaca State Park.  Here are some scenes from those adventures.

I spent this afternoon at the Zoo.  I was stationed down at the bottom of the #2 moving side walk.  It was broken today by too many people getting on it right after one of the shows in the Hunt outdoor theatre.  And since up that side walk is the main access to the Elephants and Polar Bears I was VERY busy telling people the three other ways to get there.  All less convenient than the moving side walk.

If you have not been to the Zoo for a while, go.  I have been going there since I was a child and it is one of my favourite places in the World, and I think one of the nicest spots in our area.  Where else can you get lost in a forest in the middle of a big city and be surrounded by exotic plants and animals.  I never get tired of going there.  The reason is simple, I love smiling people and we gets lots of those of all ages in the Zoo.  And even grumps get a smile on their faces after an hour or so.  At least most of them.

I also work up at the Cuyamaca State Park.  Here is a picture of some of us at the Earth Day booth.  Cuyamaca park was substantially burned in the 2003 fire.  But it is still a wonderful place to get out into the wild part of San Diego.  Many of our visitors have little experience with wild places.  So we take them for nature walks and tell them the names of many of the native plants and an animal here and there.  Mostly what we see are birds and squirrels, but we do see deer, turkeys, and birds.  I have seen a couple of snakes, but never a poisonous one.  Rattlesnakes are all in our yard it seems as there is more food there.

If you like any of the pictures above join us for the 9am Saturday nature walk.  If you let me know you are coming I will look for you.

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