Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Ramona - Summer 2012 - Trips

OK - I did not take any pictures at Chuck and Carole's dinner.  My oversight.  However, Hansen's did send me this picture from the road.

They indicated this was the Salmon River in CA.  So don't hold back and send me some of your trips.  I know you are taking them.

Barbara and I are leaving for two months starting Aug 1.  We are going to Ohio and a wedding.  We hope to see a few things on the way to and from.  Our plan is to dawdle along Rt 66 from Chicago on back.  Taking our time doing so.  For a change I have only made reservations for two of the first stops.  I normally spend mega hours planning every detail down to a gnat's eyelash.  I am not doing that this time.  It is too much work and it takes the spontaneity out of the trip.  My years of business travel and Swiss German ancestry has tended to make me phobic in organizing things.  No more.  Maybe.  If lack of planning bugs me on the trip I will just start planning ahead a bit at a time.

Happy travels everyone, and come home safe.

Bob Nuttmann  

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