Saturday, October 18, 2014

Days On The Road ARE Better Than Days At Home Or The Desk

Well we are at the end of our last adventure RV trip of 2014 and I am adding up the year.  It was a very good one.  This is the best year ever overall for RVing for me.  We started out with a trip to the Bluegrass Festival in Blythe and then to Quartsite.  Followed up with a real adventure in Moab UT.  Then the big summer journey to the North West, including a cruise to Alaska.  And now we are at the end of going to NM and the Balloon festival.

Frazier on the beach in Manzanita OR
After our big summer trip was finished and we had had time to unpack and read the mail it only took a couple of days for me to be sitting at my desk and to think, "This is not as good as being on the road in the motorhome."

A few weeks later we flew to Ohio to be with Barbara's wonderful large family.  I love interacting with all of them.  They are so interactive and just fun to be with.  Plus Ohio weather co-operated and was great.  We stayed at a very nice suite hotel close to Barbara's sister and were busy every day.  Thing is, I prefer staying in the coach to any hotel suite.  (Except maybe the Plaza in NYC or the Fairmont in SF.)

Emigrant Lake in OR
Without of doubt our motorhome had too many visits to the RV doctors this year.  This was the year of plumbing problems.  It is mostly my fault and that our motorhome is getting older.  I got lazy and did not put on the external pressure regulator while at an RV park in Junction City OR.  The built in pressure regulator has given up and needs to be replaced.  So I blew fresh water lines in several places.  Got them fixed at Country Coach sort of.

The fresh water pressure regulator that has aged out and is not working.  
Turns out there were several other water leaking episodes for follow on the trip.

The bottom line.  Travel by RV is something to savor and enjoy as long as possible.  That is why we put up with these snarly beasts called RV's.

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