Thursday, August 16, 2012

RV Trips and Repairs

OK, it is not a "real" RV trip, a long one at least, until you have spent a day in a repair shop.  Last year our turbo blew and we spent an unscheduled night in Cortez CO.  So today we spent the day in a truck repair shop in Lincoln NE.  Home of the Cornhuskers.  Our bus is now patched up and good enough to go on.  A small little valve that is supposed to bleed off air from the cooling system has failed and it is letting coolant out.  And we blew a dash air hose.  The shop had neither.  So we are using roof air and will not use the aqua hot till we replace the valve.  I think I will stop in Elkhart Indiana and see if one of the big shops there can fix either or both.  While they are doing that I plan to see the RV history museum.

Of the States we have been in so far we liked Utah the best.  Colorado had it's high points, literally.  There are some very nice spots in CO, but I70 is a little too hilly to enjoy driving a motor home on.  The raft ride down the Colorado was pretty cool though.  Then there is NE.  When I come up with something I like about it I will write it down.  We are going to visit the Hurlburt's in a couple of days.  They were friends of ours we met at Foothills a few years back.  We are looking forward to that.  Then on to Chicago and farther east.

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